Lance Gohl


Have you been procrastinating about fixing your ceiling fan? Is your home an intricate maze of extension cords? Lance Gohl of Lance Lightning can bring your home’s electrical system up to snuff.

“There are three areas in home maintenance that really need to be performed by a professional: roofing, plumbing, and electrical,” Lance asserts. “Electricity is like the brakes on your car. You don’t want to find out they don’t work while you are driving down a hill!”

Lance prides himself on his ability to troubleshoot electrical problems, such as fluctuations in power. “I’m like a house detective. I figure out where the problem originates—and how.” Lance will diagnose why a circuit is overloading by providing a load schedule. “It may be as simple as moving the toaster to the other side of the kitchen and I’ll be done, if that is what the customer wants. I always give the customer options.”

With 25 years of electrical experience under his belt, Lance is qualified to work on any size job. Lance also does simple wall repairs, in most cases eliminating the need for an additional workman to patch holes. Whether working alone or with an assistant, Lance always leaves the home clean as a way of showing respect for the client. “I cover my tracks—no fingerprints!”

Lance is proud that the majority of his work has come from referrals. “I treat people with respect, and I do things the right way. I guess that’s why word-of-mouth referrals have been so good for me!”

Tip: "To protect your home, have your electric panels evaluated by a licensed electrician every ten years."



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